Marine Service

SEACLEAR is also available for marine window closure repair, modification or total refurbish work. Our extensive experience in the marine industry allows us to work on most frames no matter who the manufacturer is. We can replace broken glass , reseal windows, repair corroded metal and modify existing frames to accommodate electrically heated or thicker glass. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to rebuild than replace, especially expensive stainless or bronze frames.  For do-it-yourselfers, we can assist you in glass and glazing materials.

This electrically-heated glass was improperly glazed into new bronze frames with an outside rubber seal. Electrically-heated glass should never be used with this type of frame.  After the manufacturer neglected to stand behind their workmanship, the tug operator called SEACLEAR. We properly modified the frames and replaced the electrically-heated glass. At the time of these photos, the glass and frames were less than two years old. Now,—years later—the glass and frames are reportedly in great shape. A lack of understanding, improper materials and poor workmanship led to the loss of thousands of dollars worth of product for the tug owner.

We can refurbish your existing frames with new paint and glass.

New glass and seal: