Electrically Heated Glass

Electrically Heated Windows

SEACLEAR has been producing electrically heated glass since 1993. Originally and strictly a marine-only product, we have over the years ventured into new commercial markets.

Heating is achieved by a clear resistive conductive coating. The coating can be either on the glass itself or a polyester sheet. The result is a clear heated window without any visible wires or grids in the viewing area.

Construction is typically made by laminating two or more lites together as a stand-alone unit, or can be made into an insulated unit for even more insulating properties.

• Voltages: 115, 220 AC 12/24 VDC* (*via AC to DC inverter)
• Power: 10-300+ watts per sq. ft.
• Minimum glass thickness: 1/4"
• Maximum glass thickness: 4"
• Choice of tints    

Any unit with a power density above 30 watts PSF, is equipped with a temperature controller or imbedded sensors. Custom temperature settings are available to accommodate specific defogging or deicing needs.

Markets include:

• Marine
• Window deicing and condensation elimination
• Commercial window heating
• Freezer and refrigeration doors
• Heated glass floors    
• Heated skylights

Electrically Heated Glass Applications

Refrigerated wine room at Meat On Ocean, Santa Monica, CA.

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