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Scott Sperbeck, owner of SEACLEAR Industries

SEACLEAR is an innovative glass design and manufacturing company. For over 30 years we have been producing our products for an international customer base.  

Founder Scott Sperbeck was captain of a crab vessel in the Bering Sea during a severe Winter storm in 1987. Fighting to see out the iced-up pilothouse windows, an idea came to mind. He used his mechanical and electronics background to design and patent electrically-heated film that would prevent windows from icing up or fogging at sea. The result was the birth of SEACLEAR in 1991. His first-hand experience and understanding of the effects of extreme conditions on marine equipment led to the development of world-class products still made in the USA today.

SEACLEAR is committed to our customers by focusing on a quality product, on-time delivery, and personal service.