DeMist Anti-Fog Film

Non-Electrical Fog Free Film

DeMIST™our cost-effective anti-fog film, prevents condensation under most conditions. Unlike our other heated film products, DeM needs no electricity. DeMist will not stop working due to saturation.The film installs to the surface of any glass, acrylic or polycarbonate and will provide years of clear visibility.

There are no treatments to apply, simply install and forget. Installation is easy and takes under 15 minutes.  

• Eliminates condensation
• Easy installation
• Hard coated to prevent scratching
• Minimal Cost
• Long-lasting
• Standard widths 28 ¼” and 58 ½”  or cut to size
• Works on glass and plastic
• Sold by the sq. ft.
• Optically Clear
• 90% VLT

DeMISIT Window Film Comparison
DeMISIT Window Film Comparison
DeMISIT Window Film Comparison